Executive Training Programmes

Staff are a company’s most valuable asset and they can make or break a business. It is important to invest in an individual for the long term. It is not just the underperforming staff who need developmental attention, talented staff need to feel supported and valued so that they not only drive your business forward but so that valuable skills and abilities are retained.

Companies who train and develop their staff will not only survive difficult times but will gain a competitive edge, improve staff motivation and increase employee retention. Learning and development ensures that employers have the right skills to support the success of their business and the individuals have the right skills they need to be both employable and personally fulfilled.

Our Executive Training provides business seminars and custom executive education using highly-rated faculty and support staff dedicated to a flawless customer experience. Our executive courses and management training programs are designed to address your career goals and your overall leadership needs and capacities.

From key management practices to effective negotiation techniques to business development strategies, talent24 is your source for the tools you need to excel in today's dynamic business environment.


Our training programs help participants to

  • Find their leadership voice and lead themselves and others to sustained success
  • Develop their business acumen and get ready to embrace the complexities of digital transformation, high-paced innovation, and sustainability.
  • Apply their learning to business and personal development


Our training Programs include:

  • Business and Management Training
  • People development programs
  • Personal Development training
  • Business strategy training
  • Financial Intelligence Training